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Translation is not an improvised act, but a process studied in detail. A long process that must consider a wide range of factors, including the target language specificness, the purpose of the text and the communication strategy.

I translate the value of your words. To do this, I combine my linguistic knowledge with the competence gained in over twenty years of experience and continuous training.

Fields of specialization

I translate technical-scientific, journalism, training, and general texts from English and French into Italian.

My over twenty years of experience, continuing education, and specialization ensure the top-notch standards of my translations.
In the past 25 years of full-time freelance work I have earned invaluable experience in the following areas.


Ecology and environment




Renewable energies


Mechanical engineering (bearings)


Oil industry


Corporate culture and organisation


Advertising and transcreation




For the translation of a text it is mandatory to consider the target language specificness, preserving all shades of meaning which are conveyed with means sometimes specific, belonging to the source language.

The translation process entails various tasks that cannot be improvised. Only someone with suitable qualifications and several years of experience is able to carry out properly


Analysis of the source text

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Analyzing the formal aspects of a text according to the meaning they convey.

Terminology analysis

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The density and wealth of specialized content in the various industrial and scientific sectors implies knowledge of the sector’s terminology. It must be ensured that the terminology identified complies with the relevant technical standards and the client’s communication policy.

Reworking of the text

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Reprocessing the text, including its underlying meanings, to produce an adequately formed target text to accommodate the changes required for communication purposes.

Quality control

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Each translated text is examined for suitability to the agreed requirements, consistency of terminology, register and style.

Revision and editing of the text 

This kind of service depends on what it is necessary to do the job.

Proofreading with correction of typographical errors

Editing with minor alterations

Substantial rewording


Glossary creation 

Every company has its own style and commonly used terminology, words and phrases. It is important when translating that the terms and phrases from the source language read correctly in the target language.


Language Consultancy 

Language consultancy allows to follow effectively all language problems and help find the more suitable solution.

Negotiation interpreting

Presentations at or accompanying to exhibition stands or customers

Phone calls on behalf of the customer to its foreign customers or collaborators


Simonetta Priveato

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All assignments are carried out in accordance with the General Assignment Conditions for technical and scientific translators established by the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters.

I work in compliance with the Code of Ethics set by the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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Professional translation services

I translate technical-scientific, journalistic, educational and informative texts in english and french to italian.

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